Life, death, purpose, goal, happiness, need,
politics, understanding, love, hate, world,
nature, dawn, sun, moon, morning, night,
SUNRISE, education, media, memories….
some continuous things in my mind..
Yes, my mind is messy with constant stories, videos, dialogues, lessons, words, songs, talks all playing at once.
With a mixture of such things in mind and different things ahead of my eyes, one may get confuse..
But somehow
I think clearly
Clear for most situations learning to deal with the things.

My heart beats, body pains, lungs pumps,
For myself, for life, for humanity, for people, for nation and for purpose of course.
But somehow
I feel peace
Sitting and waiting for the sunrise needs patience, but when the red ball comes up on the horizon, it feels New beginning, new adventures awaits, new people you may meet, new things you may seed.

I may not know everything
But somehow
I believe in love, in magic, in humanity, in omens, in lights, in story and in me ofcourse.

Attaching to the needs
Facing new questions
Waiting answers.
But somehow
there isn’t a need to find them., But to experience
All we need !!!!!



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  1. Really a good one.. I love this..:)

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