When the height gives you lesson!!
|| He was afraid of heights
Because the depth makes him scary
From their everything looks tiny
the people , the problem all looks
Reacting to this
Stepping backward he done
Realising the beauty in the front
Watching it day-night, dreams coming around through_
Until it’s the same all
It’s was then a change needed ,
With a roll in a hand
And a jacket as a band
Stepping forward,
all that he can,
Standing upon the edge of the cliff,
Phrasing the beauty in the dept
A good in a bad
A roar of a lad
A writer in a boom
Searching a new moon

He was stuck there ,

Observing the tiny things
Familiar to his bings
He was fascinated to see the same,
After all it was just meant to b a different name !!
But something the height taught him so far,
the fear to face the Dept is no bar
He realised the beauty in the depth .||

World is best see from the height, but it takes courage to reach there.
We all will b there soon.!!


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  1. Nice.. 🙂


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