“You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.”

YES, you read it right, “SELF MOTIVATION“. Now imagine what comes in your mind when you hear or read this word.? What is self-motivation actually is? How it fuels us? what are the things you are doing to stay motivated?.

All these questions have different answers for different ones. All has a different mindset.
Some are willing to do, else some find excuses.

Plays a vital role.

Generally, People have an urge to do things. Everyone wants to stand different from the crowd. They want to do something in life.
Self-motivation is an ability of one to do what needs to be done(what he/she love), without getting influenced by others or the conditions around. The best part is people with self-motivation easily find a reason and strength to complete a task, even if it’s challenging without being affected by the others. They don’t give up and won’t need someone to encourage them.

For me, it fuels my life. Imagine a body without a soul. A class without a teacher. A phone without a sim or a Home without a family.
It keeps me driven to my goals. And actually, it works like that only. It encourages you to do something you want to long enough. Step out of the comfort zone and see how capable you are to do things you once imagined tough. Plans it and execute it.

Without it, you will be like in a dilemma of confusion, what to do. what not to do. you will feel useless at a certain point of life and will regret it later.(my experience)

5 things to stay motivated.

  1.  Find out what you love.

    Try to find out what you love. 90% of the people don’t do what they love.
    this is simple, if you do what you love, there will me more possibilities that you would do far better, there will be fewer conflicts. you would not get bored and the result will be surprising.


  2. Stay Active

    Yes it’s necessary, both physically and mentally. It will help you in understanding the things more efficiently. You will be able to handle or deal with the situations easily. Do meditation, Do workout or else go for a short run. Stay updated with the current scenarios and do discuss it with your friends.


  3. Set a goal.

    This is really important. Set goals. What you want to achieve in life. Work towards it.Write them down on paper. Every day have a look towards it in the morning especially. Keep it with you, and whenever you face any downs, check it out and remember, you came so far for it and soon it will be worth it.


  4. Realise that we all have bumps in the road.

    You are now the only one with problems. Everyone is fighting a battle we don’t know. and not everything is meant to be perfect. life has its own ups and downs and this is what makes a life interesting. When things are going wrong remember that everything happens for a reason and great things take the time to build.


    5.Make a change.


What most people fear is change. We don’t take risk or else afraid of taking risks.
You will be in the same place unless you make a change. Change is what needed to improve yourself.Track down your progress and analyse it. Take the essential change needed.


When we consciously choose to focus on positive things, we practice focusing, thereby improving our ability to do so, we increase our happiness and motivation.


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  1. Quite motivating.. A positive mindset is very important 🙂


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