“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

We see things, we judge them. You and I see people and judge them and vice versa. We human beings are so quick in Judging others that it takes hardly a minute.

What is being judgemental?

Judging is a human nature and as we grow up, the society carves out this feature more deeply. We start judging thing, people or everything we come across.we judge people to feel good about ourselves. We always try to compare ourself with the other person. We compare and we judge. the result is either positive or negative. Being judgemental is the natural tendency of human nature that we sketch out the map of the other person considering the environmental factors and the key points around us. You judge on the basics of information your brain got and it tries to synthesise this information with the surrounding factors to produce a conclusion towards it.

Why people judge?

Well, this is a big question here and everyone as a different opinion about this. But one thing is common that we try to match ourselves to conclude where we stand. The projection” of physiology explains what happens when we can’t bear to our negative stuff, so we try to project it on others…. we JUDGE. also due to the human brain has natural preconceptions and prejudices.


Today, while scrolling down the Quora feeds, I came across a story.
There was a girl. she was the intelligent and meritious student, popular among teachers and friends. Somehow, unfortunately, she got pregnant and this news spread in the college like a wildfire. she took a break off for a month and after when she returned to the college, everything has changed. Now she was called as a slut and other abusive words by here friends and teachers and now she’s was totally broken. The result was suicide.

now, who is to be blamed? Just because everyone starts judging herself leads to the death.
no one tried to find out the reason behind all this, but least what they can do is judge.

To do.

Most judgments of others are ego strategies to avoid uncomfortable feelings. However, if you lack the awareness of where they come from, they can lead to even more discomfort down the line.

You do not have the power to change what they think of. But you have the power to block out any negative energy directed at you. So what if they do that? Carry on with your life as though nothing has happened. Stop worrying about what people talk about and do something that will shut them up. And remember that when you judge other it doesn’t defines who they are, it defines who you are.

edit: Do watch this video by coke.
Don’t judge by the cover.


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  1. Worth reading..:) Being judgemental is the biggest cause of unhappiness..

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